About GBR

Global Business Research (GBR) is a full-service international B2B research and business advisory firm headquartered in London. By leveraging our cross-industry network of senior executives in multiple disciplines, GBR focuses on business research, data insights, growth strategy consulting and corporate training across multiple industries.

We give senior executives and high potentials within their teams & organisations access to valuable external perspectives on business methodologies. We orchestrate and curate the most innovative strategies, insights, expertise, and knowledge by harnessing the collective brainpower from across the GBR community to help transform today’s functional experts to become tomorrow’s cross-functional business leaders.

Why Work With GBR

Everything we do is designed to help you deliver your key priorities more quickly in an effective manner. If you’re a senior executive we’ll help you validate your strategy with peer connections, reference cases and benchmarking.

We’ll also help you expedite the execution of strategies; developing a broader perspective through your team and providing tools, frameworks and individual support for your key leaders to help them deliver on mission critical priorities.