Corporate travel… The return? LinkedIn Poll
Posted on 16 September 2020

Corporate travel is critical to many manufacturers and businesses all around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic halted corporate travel and business leaders have had to swap from in-person meetings and events to virtual platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Whilst these virtual platforms may replicate some of the experience of an in-person conversation, for many business people, there’s nothing quite like seeing their customers in person, especially when hashing out the finer details of a sensitive deal, solidifying relationships, or understanding how a prospect’s business works from the inside.

Here at GBR, we conducted a short poll across our LinkedIn community in September 2020. With over 11,500 impressions, we received over 300 votes for this poll and you can see both the results and the demographics of those that voted below. The question was a simple one:


Historically, corporate travel has been more volatile and has taken longer to recover than leisure travel after economic downturns and other disruptions. The speed at which it will truly recover is dependent on a few factors. To point out a couple, firstly, the speed at which a cure or vaccine is rolled out. Secondly, the restrictions imposed by local governments on travel and quarantine protocols.

That said, judging by the results of this poll, it might be a good idea for one to start looking for their frequent flier membership cards soon.

Till that day arrives – stay safe and be well.

Team GBR

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