OEE Beyond the Basics

Executive Huddle

At our recent WorX meetings we got some questions regarding the use of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The questions ranged from how to use to how to connect to financials, use for planning and capacity calculations etc.

This led to scheduling a webinair with our research director Ton Aerdts. He has build a broad experience in continuous improvement (be it Lean , TPM, 6 Sigma and Change management) over the last 30+ years and used the OEE measure in all machine related cicumstances.

After an overview of OEE, the session will be driven by the questions you have and can sent in beforehand.

  • How to cheat with OEE and consequences for definitions
  • How to link to costs?
  • How to use for planning purpose
  • Driver of lost and waste analyses and as such driver of CI

Ton Aerdts, Research Director, GBR