Digitalizing the Future: Revolutionizing Manufacturing Through Transformation

Business Leaders’ Debate Series

12th June 2024, Birmingham, UK


In today’s connected world, IoT enabled plants, and the application of digital is crucial to achieve cost effective and sustainable solutions that drive value for asset intensive organisations. Greater visibility and optimized real-time data driven information management can provide a competitive advantage, enabling future focused insights that will deliver improved outcomes for the business, as well as an enhanced reputation through transparent manufacturing chains.


Åsa Arvidsson

Åsa Arvidsson

Regional Vice President, North EMEA Region

Juha Pankakoski

Juha Pankakoski

Executive Vice President Technology

Hugo David Herrmann

Hugo David Herrmann

Smart Factory and Operational Excellence


12th June 2024, Birmingham

All times are GMT

10:00 - 10:20

Registration & Coffee

10:25 - 10:30


10:30 - 11:15


  • Driver for digital transformation, digitalization roadmap and the importance of MES on the journey
  • How to keep MES in the centre of your shopfloor
  • MES lifecycle management and its impact on manufacturing sites
  • How to align digitalization processes on a local and global level
  • Leveraging technologies that enable and accelerate new business opportunities and capabilities for the Factory of the Future

11:15 - 12:00


  • Digital Manufacturing Acceleration in a nutshell, unique approach to deliver holistic result
  • Recipe of successful program: Mixture of right ingredients
  • Searching for digital use cases – Digital compass
  • Catalogue solutions – Knowledge library
  • Innovation process
  • Impact tracking
  • Success factors of the program

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 13:45


  • Digitalization requires an approach that makes it future proof looking at the whole potential architecture with its functionalities to create potential value
  • The operational teams needs to create benefits that will amortize the cost of the solution
  • The challenges are often very specific thus the need for scalability to manage cost of the solution
  • Bridging OT and IT is key to create meaningful insights and take appropriate counter measures
  • Simualtion, machine learning, data management are some of the key methods required to effectively solve the challenges manufacturers are facing

13:45 - 14:30


  • Digital Transformation with right focus – Focus on common problems not technologies
  • Digital Leads network – human & skills-centric approach to Digital Transformation
  • Many companies want to start with a first IoT prototype implementation for smart manufacturing, but are not sure how this can be done in a cost and time efficient manner
  • There are so many buzzword out there in the IoT domain, that it is really cumbersome to find out what technology is relevant for a prototype


Chairperson Closing Comments & Close


  • ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbHLeiter Automation and Industrial IT
  • Amazon EU Sarl Director Reliability Maintenance Engineering
  • Applied MedicalDirector Maintenance and Automation
  • ArcelorMittal Manager Digitalisation
  • Arctic Paper Maintenance Developer
  • Arla Foods Maintenance Excellence Manager
  • Aurorium Reliability & Maintenance Manager
  • Autoliv Global Director Digitalization of Manufacturing
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Senior Manager, Site Reliability SME
  • CEPSA Head of Maintenance Engineering
  • Cooper Standard Director Central Maintenance Europe
  • Cooper Standard Maintenance Manager
  • ELI LILLY Sr Reliability Engineer
  • Fulgor Deputy Technical Manager
  • Fulgor Head of Electrical Maintenance
  • FOT Mechanical Engineer
  • GE Power Global Maintenance Lead
  • Henkel Global Project Manager for Predictive Maintenance Solutions
  • LotusWorks Site Lead at WuXi Biologics
  • Nyrstar Budel Reliability Engineer
  • Nyrstar Budel Head Reliability Engineering
  • Nyrstar Budel Reliabillity Engineer
  • PFALZSOLAR GmbH Operations & Maintenance Lead
  • Pfizer Ireland Process Engineer
  • SISECAM SODA LUKAVAC D.O.O. Head of Electrical Maintenance Dept.
  • Synthomer Specialty Resins S.r.l. Senior Reliability Engineer
  • Tritech Group Director Maintenance
  • Valmet ltd Global Operational Development Manager
  • Valmet ltd Director, Asset Reliability Optimization
  • Yara Sluiskil B.VGlobal Subject Matter Expert








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