Three ways to succeed in today’s packaging manufacturing
Posted on 25 August 2021


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When talking about digitalization as a way to boost the competitiveness of a packaging manufacturer, we have to answer three crucial questions first.


Align software with business processes

The answer to the first question is obvious, but not easy: business processes must be analysed from the viewpoint that they really support sales, customer service, manufacturing, and logistics. Software must be adapted to existing and new processes and vice versa, and able to support existing and future business process requirements.

We can keep on dreaming about artificial intelligence and fully automated processes, but it is only when harmonization between technology and business is achieved that the basis for all aspects of growth and competitiveness really exists.


Acknowledge trends

The second and third questions at first glance look like they are not digitalization questions at all. Every packaging producer has to deal with market-led parameters
to their business.

Sustainability is a big consumer issue these days, with the market increasingly demanding 100% recyclable, even compostable packaging. This requires new processes, full traceability, and new raw materials. IT has an important helping role here: the traceability & resource conservation of these raw materials, as well as energy-efficient processes, are pure IT tasks.


Future-proof your IT

Strategic business planning must respond to constantly changing consumer needs. Scalable IT systems and agile business applications are mandatory.

For example, there’s no point in investing in expensive new equipment if IT does not support itsfull potential or fails to address the entire supply chain.

Meeting today’s business challenges is one thing, but in addition, you need to be prepared for tomorrow’s requirements. Navigate the disruption through digitalization, focusing on agile production control and optimized operational excellence.


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