Yamaton Paper GmbH join the GBR WorX community
Posted on 14 November 2019

Global Business Research are excited to announce that Yamaton Paper GmbH have joined the GBR WorX Community. Yamaton Paper GmbH is a manufacturer of hexagonal honeycomb boards and all honeycomb board packaging solutions. They are located in Rostock northern of Germany supplying not only large parts of the European Union, but also Switzerland, Norway, Tunisia and Turkey.

In addition to this Ram Peleg, the CEO at Yamaton Paper GmbH will be attending and speaking at GBR’s PackagingWorX meeting taking place in early October in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He will presenting on how they provide versatile protective packaging and paper honeycomb pallets that can be 100% recycled and successfully replace wood, plastic or foam packaging solutions.

“Yamaton Paper GmbH’s mission is to provide green and environmentally-friendly solutions that are based on the combination of paper and the unique structure of honeycomb cells. Their paper honeycomb solutions are used in a wide range of industries like the automotive, packaging, transport and logistics, construction, heavy-duty packaging, displays etc. making them an ideal partner for our cross-industry GBR community,” said Hoshang Zarang, Global Head of Business Development at GBR.

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